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Transform your business with data-driven innovation. Benefit from our expertise in data engineering, business intelligence, and data science to unlock insights and streamline decision-making. Let us manage your data pipelines and provide expert reporting and machine learning support. Join us on the journey to success through data utilization!

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Data Analytics & AI

Our Data & AI solutions can address specific challenges and drive Your business success by


Providing data management solutions

We specialize in data management solutions, offering consultancy services to optimize infrastructure, crafting tailored ELT (Extract Load Transform) pipelines, and seamlessly integrating data from diverse sources to facilitate comprehensive analytics in one Data Platform.

Optimizing processes

AI and machine learning solutions offer significant opportunities for companies to optimize their processes, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. Our team specializes in AI Research and Development projects, creating custom-tailored products that harness the power of AI algorithms to support key decision-makers and eliminate manual work.

Providing business insights based on data

We leverage customer data to uncover valuable insights, establishing self-service environments and generating intuitive reports and dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators.

Adding business value and consulting

We offer expert guidance on data management, data governance, and the journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

What we deliver

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BI reporting

Transform your business insights with our Business Intelligence (BI) reporting services. Gain a comprehensive view of your operations through insightful data visualizations, real-time reporting, and trend analysis. Make data-driven decisions confidently, driving your business towards success.

Image recognition for retail

Protect your retail business with cutting-edge image recognition technology. Detect anomalies, prevent fraud in real-time, and ensure a secure retail environment with our advanced tools, safeguarding your profits.

Image recognition for public sector

Transform tax processes for municipalities with our image recognition services. Improve accuracy and efficiency in tax assessments, property evaluations, and document verification. Streamline municipal operations by automating tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring compliance.

Predictive railway maintenance

Optimize your railway network's performance with our predictive maintenance services driven by advanced machine learning. We excel in analyzing signal data accurately, detecting minor defects to prevent service disruptions. Count on us to boost reliability, minimize downtime, and optimize maintenance schedules for a smoother and more dependable railway system.

OCR technology for document handling services

Enhance document handling with our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Benefit from seamless automation as we extract, verify, and classify information from diverse documents. Our services guarantee accurate data extraction, reliable verification, and efficient classification, saving time and resources in your business operations.

Spatial data for noise intensity monitoring

Utilize spatial data to generate detailed noise intensity maps for urban noise monitoring. Our services use advanced spatial analytics to analyze existing data and model noise levels, including on smaller roads without dedicated data collection. With cutting-edge technology, we offer a comprehensive view of noise patterns, facilitating urban planning and management.

Process mining

Enhance business processes with our Process mining consulting. Utilize advanced analytics to analyze, visualize, and improve workflow efficiency. Our experts assist in process discovery, conformance checking, and enhancement, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing performance.

Data-driven warehouse management

Transform warehouse efficiency with our advanced data analytics. We specialize in optimizing shelf placement to enhance storage and retrieval processes. Leveraging data-driven insights, we strategically position shelves to minimize picking times, errors, and maximize storage capacity. Elevate your logistics and distribution capabilities with our expertise in data-driven warehouse management.

Ready to revolutionize the way your business operates?

Experience a world where challenges are met with innovation, and your business thrives with the power of data analytics and AI at its core.

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