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Igniting Innovation at Kaunas AI Meetup: A Convergence of Technology and Community

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Thursday, 25 April 2024

In the heart of Kaunas, an insightful platform known as the Kaunas AI Meetup has been established, stemming from an ever-growing fascination with the realm of artificial intelligence. This Meetup fills a vital gap in the Kaunas tech community, providing a forum for meaningful dialogue and cooperative endeavors. It's a response to the noticeable trend of businesses exploring the potential of AI technologies, creating a valuable opportunity to unify thinkers, innovators, and practitioners under one roof.

This initiative has flourished into a dynamic community where participants share a common goal: to explore the vast possibilities of AI. Here, knowledge is exchanged freely, nurturing the development of innovative solutions and pioneering ideas. Behind this community stands Tomas Rasymas, a forward-thinking individual who envisioned the Meetup as an ideal venue for budding professionals to mingle with industry leaders. It's a place where the next generation can dive into the latest technological advancements, and where companies have the chance to meet the bright minds that will shape the future.

Artificial intelligence is not just a trend, it's a revolutionary force reshaping how we work, creating new opportunities, and expanding our digital horizons. Gone are the days when only big players like Google dominated the scene. Thanks to the rapid advancements in

AI, the playing field is now level, empowering even smaller players to shine and showcase their creativity and innovation.

The Kaunas AI Meetup invites you to embark on a journey, one that promises enriching encounters, deep dives into the tech world, and boundless inspiration. Don’t miss an exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insights during Gediminas Sadaunykas presentation and engage in a dynamic discussion with Laimonas Andriulis from the Centric IT team. Join us to witness firsthand the merging of technology and human ingenuity, and to be a part of the movement that is setting the stage for a future driven by artificial intelligence.

Date: May 16th, 6-10 PM


Gediminas Sadaunykas (Data Scientist – Centric It Solutions Lithuania) – Chatbots & Chill: Will AI Be Your Next Coworker or Your Replacement?

Jurgita Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė (Senior Researcher at Tilde, Professor at Vytautas Magnus University) – Breaking the Language Barrier: Evolution of AI Chatbots from Monolingual to Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Functionality.

Mantas Lukauskas (Tech Lead / Data Scientist at "Hostinger") – Innovate, Integrate, Inspire: Hostinger's Journey with Generative AI Technology.


Panel discussion: “Building AI-Ready Organizations”.

Tomas Rasymas (Head Of AI at Hostinger International).

Laimonas Andriulis (Data & AI Expertise & Offerings Leader at Centric It Solutions Lithuania).

Artūras Baravykas (Independent Strategy and Data Consultant, former Head of Strategy and Analytics at Vinted).

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Igniting Innovation at Kaunas AI Meetup: A Convergence of Technology and Community

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